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Prikazani su postovi s oznakom Bosnia. Prikaži sve postove

Illyrians in Bosnia

Illyrians in Bosnia have had their own history. For some scientists, the inhabitants of Bosnia are descendants of Illyrians and Mataruga's surname is one of the evidences that there is still the last name that was during the Illiris at Misoča as it is written here by Misoča near Visoko. The Illyrians resisted the Romans for hundreds of years, while the Romans did not need iron, gold and silver ore, and they gathered all their power. The Desitines, the bravest Ilirsko tribe, lived in central Bosnia, and after the occupation of their territory by the Romans in 9th century did not have the whole story About this event but I will not mention it on this occasion. Illyrians survived and in time became citizens of the Roman Empire, but also the soldiers who could choose the Caesar. There were five Emperors of the Illyrian origin in the Roman Empire. The emperors of Illyrian origin were the first to be Dece, then Valentia, then Claudius I, And Probus.

 The Arabs lived modestly, they had their own traditional customs, and the academician Muhammad Filipovic also writes well, and he emphasizes that the people of Bosnia are descendants of Illyrians while some others deny it, and even Illyrians are not indigenous to the land of Bosnia. The great-great-great-white-shirt with white pants. I have a picture of my grandfather in this costume, along with his relatives and neighbors.

Then, it is interesting that the Roman soldier had to serve the army for 20 years, but he shared the prey so that he could take part of the land he occupied and settle there. The soldiers were pledged. The Libyan and the Roman roads are still used today through BiH but Historians need to reveal much more to make cubicles coincide. New tribes have been frequent protests by many peoples across BiH, so-called peoples of the 3rd to 7th So that the history of the Illyrians loses a lot especially with the arrival of Slovenes in the 6th century. But everything comes to an end as it came to those before them and to those after them .....

The picture shows the Illyrian tribes their names and in which part of BiH and the surrounding area they lived. Today there is a huge number of fortresses, other settlements and settlements where almost certainly the Dezitijati and their romanized descendants were inhabited, some of which were partially researched.

Then the Roman roads through B & H were of importance to Rome, but also to the people of BiH and the environment. The ancient roads made to Sirmium on the Danube, there are also camps with the army that protected the roads and Siermium, which made possible a good connection of this region with the central part of the state. The main route was from Salona (Adriatic Sea) to Sirmium, which was the main line of the movement of Roman legends and cultural and other influences of Rome. 

There were other paths and it led from Narona at Narrow Neretva to the Adriatic Sea towards Sirmium Which is the cetral point of Pannonia, this time led the valleys of the Neretva and Bosna valleys. For the third time, it led from the present Zadar Catcher towards the valley of the river Kupa and Sava to Sisak (Siscii) from where the upper stream of the Sava river to Slovenia and the Alps was flying.

Slovenia's Dalas in these spaces no one was worried. Why? 
The arrival of Slovenes announced the massacre of the population because the Slovenes were relentlessly killing both women and children and were described as devils because of the slaughter of over 7,000 women and children for only two days in 548 In Drač. But such massacres were still accounted for having killed and captured over 4 million people or most of the then population of the Roman province of Dalmatia, ie Ilirija (BiH Cultural History pp. 100-111).

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