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Prikazani su postovi s oznakom Students. Prikaži sve postove

Business school

Business school....This is the first international programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized by two well respected institutions. Other programs offered in our country do not have the backing of equal and respected institutions, and most lack full time professors, using instead retired professors, teaching assistants and part time lecturers.International case studies form the basis of group discussions in tutorials and individual/group assignments.The School of Economics and Business Sarajevo (SEBS) and Griffith College Dublin (GCD) provide a linked programme of study leading to the award of BA (Hons) Business Studies.  Students will initially complete two years business studies in SEBS.  On successful completion of these studies, and having achieved the required prior learning, students will progress directly to the final year of Griffith College's BA in Business Studies in Dublin.   The linked programme provided by the prestigious institutions will be held in the English language and guided by the best professors from both insitutions and other international guest lecturers.

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