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Prikazani su postovi s oznakom herbs. Prikaži sve postove
Prikazani su postovi s oznakom herbs. Prikaži sve postove

Natural herbs and vitamins

Learn which herbs are best for your needs and how to use them in the safest and most effective way.Many cultures have been using herbs as a natural anxiety treatment for thousands of years, and they work quite well if they are used properly.





kava kava

lemon balm

D vitamin:Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is found in eggs and fatty fish such as salmon ad mackerel (and cod liver oil), but your body can also make its own vitamin D after exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun , though this is somewhat dependent on the season and your geographic location. It may improve seasonal anxiety and depression that worsen during the winter months. 

B vitamin:Dark-green, leafy vegetables, like spinach, kale and chard, contain plenty of calming magnesium as well as good amounts of the B vitamins.


Natural infertility treatments

I learned that a lady, I will not reveal the identity because there is no need, so anxious to have a child after ten years has managed to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy son, but there are cases where the bride and groom can not have children, and that the problem resolves itself for the year two or if it can not by itself be a reach for some recipes that will help them, and after 15 days they will be fruitful.

There are such cases, more about us, just as we do not pay attention to other people's problems.

Infertility can in most cases be solved.

With natural infertility treatments many herbalists use herbs and some recipes of herbs-teas, tinctures, syrups, juices, etc., as well as other secret recipes that are prepared from herbs.

Then more and more infertile men for a bit lazy sperm or sperm, etc.

But if it can help someone else why it can not do.

Anyone interested can ask details on Meil:

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