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Prikazani su postovi s oznakom mountains. Prikaži sve postove
Prikazani su postovi s oznakom mountains. Prikaži sve postove

Mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is the heart shaped land that lies in the heart of South Eastern Europe. As it is already known, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country which has beautiful nature, including forests, rivers, and mountains. It is part of south which has many attractive destinations for every type of tourist.

Mountains of our country are one of the main destinations for European people during the winter. Also, during the summer, these mountains give as incredible picture of nature. In this topic, we will give detailed information about Bjelašnica and Maglić, although it was difficult to decide which one is more or less important.


Bjelašnica mountain is in the central part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 25 kilometres from Sarajevo. Winter, from November to May, forms snow drifts of a couple of meters in height which are a particular challenge for winter sports lovers. 

This season is particularly interesting because of the landscape of the mountain under snow, which is somewhat like a white desert covered with rays of sunshine, above which there is nothing but the areal landscape. Air mass from the sea interferes with the air mass from mountains on Bjelasnica. That kind of interference results in rain and snow precipitation in autumn and great amounts of snow in the winter which is retains until late in the spring. This kind of climate specificity is suitable for developing winter sports .A weather station was built on the highest part (2067 meters of altitude) in 1894. which is the highest constant inhabited point in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The peak itself was named after the Observatory. 

The mountain was named after the whiteness of its stones and snows which reside on its peaks up to August. An extraordinary mutability of weather characterizes the mountain so it is possible to experience three seasons in one day. Winters are extremely sharp and long, spring weather is expected only after the first half of May and short summer weather is often followed by waves of cold air. The mean annual temperature is only 0.7°C because of the extremely low winter temperatures. The highest temperature is 24°C and the lowest is -41°C. Thick green grass covers the mountain in the summer while winters attract 4 meters of snow. Strong winds and thunders characterize the climate of this magnificent Bosnian mountain beauty.

The organization of the XIV Winter Olympic Games was entrusted to Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The natural beauties of Bjelasnica, Igman, Jahorina and Trebevic were revealed to the World. The Winter Olympic Games included: alpine skiing on Bjelasnica and Igman, bob and sledging on Trebevic, ice hockey and figure skating in Zetra and Skenderija (Sarajevo) and Nordic skiing, biathlon and leaps on Igman.


Maglić is the highest mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina directly on its border with Montenegro, located in the Sutjeska National Park. This is one of the most beautiful and impressive mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which creates natural border between our country and Montenegro. One part of this mountain belongs to Bosnia and Herzegovina, while the other is in Montenegro. Maglić massif is located about 20 km on the southwest from the city Foca.

All hillsides, except northwestern, are very steep and overgrown with coniferous and beech trees. Forest line is approx. at altitude of 1600 m. Above is plateau with excellent pastures. The foothill and the hillsides are rich with water but the plateau is not. The most attractive point of Maglic is definitelly its main ridge with the highest summit. The summit is accessible only from southern side overgrown with grass and mountain pine. All other hillsides are steep, barren and rocky. The view from the summit is just marvellous – first of all to neigbouring Volujak and Bioc and Trnovacko Lake, but also to Durmitor (in Montenegro) and other bosnian mountains on north and northwest.

In the base of Mount Maglic, and surrounded by Mount Volujak and Mount Snjeznica, there is an exceptional natural pearl- the biggest and most preserved rainforest reserve in Europe, Perucica. Highly inaccessible terrain of the rainforest saved the variety of endemic both plant and animal species. In the heart of the rainforest there is a waterfall called Skakavac which is 75 m high, and this gives the rainforest extraordinary visual beauty. You can enter the rainforest only in the presence of guides. Eagles, bears, wolves, snakes, and wild goats are not rare sightings in these parts. A high concentration of different kinds of trees makes Perucica especially valuable from a biological standpoint, black and white alder, oaks, hornbeam, black pine, beech, junipers and other trees present in Perucica are virtually extinct around Europe. This rainforest makes Maglic mountain even more beautiful, together with the whole National Park.


We find this topic very interesting, because it reminds us of how beautiful our country is. We presented you some information about two mountains, and also included the most important facts about them. 

We found Bjelasnica one of the most important mountains in our country, first of all, because it is centred near Sarajevo, and people often visit it during winters. 

This mountains became known among people after Winter Olympic Games. Maglic is a mountain with beautiful nature, maybe we can say with the most beautiful nature in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Being a part of the National Park, makes this mountain even more interesting for many tourists.

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