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Prikazani su postovi s oznakom currency. Prikaži sve postove


Bitcoin wallets amounts of bitcoin requires extra security.We are excited to announce a partnership with, a company that provides employee perks to over 2,500 companies across the world including, Pinterest, Snapchat, Groupon, and Etsy.

Mainstream merchant adoption of bitcoin in the US is rapidly accelerating, but many consumers are still unaware of the convenience, security, and cost savings associated with bitcoin payments.How does it work?:

Optionally choose a group vault with multiple withdrawal approvers for increased security.

Withdrawals are time delayed with notifications delivered to your phones and emails.

Up to 97% of bitcoin is stored entirely offline in geographically distributed safe deposit boxes and private safes.

Here are 10 ways to spend $10 of bitcoin:

- Buy pizza at Domino’s via eGifter ($10) 

- Buy a bundle of computer games and support the American - Red Cross on Humble Bundle ($10)

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