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Prikazani su postovi s oznakom poll. Prikaži sve postove

Family violence

Domestic violence is most common among women, children, parents, etc. Families in the family can be for several reasons and divided into several branches. Physical is the first, then economic, sexual and psychological. It is also present and difficult to Is to detect it immediately, but it also leaves strong consequences for other family members. Definition of domestic violence is. "Domestic violence is the behavior by which a member of the family endangers the integrity, mental health or serenity of another member of the family.Family in the family is a term commonly used Refers to violence between spouses or spousal abuses, but may also apply to unmarried intimate partners or simply people who live together. "

I made one poll on this page that is still running, the poll is anonymous and everyone can participate in the survey. The family is a criminal offense but a person if he does this does not have to be that he will be imprisoned and will be away from the victim and will have a ban on the victim's approach .Only the victim is taken to a safe house but rarely stayed there for a long time except for some people. I know a couple of women whose husbands are suing regularly, are blue, report to the police, and after a few days again, though they know that everything that has happened lasts. Whether a victim is afraid of a bully because she threatens her life or loves him and returns to her for the price of life.

What about violence against children, parents, brother or sister ...?

Is Domestic Violence Sufficiently Examined and Are Adequate Sentences For Domestic Violence Perpetrators? How To Help The Victim Be Safe From Violence? There are countless questions and answers little or no.

On domestic violence, there is little talk about violence in all parts of the world, it happens that the authorities are taking violence as if it is a disturbance of public order and peace that is wrong but is happening. It was not so long ago and it was like that.

This topic will be repeated when the acne is completed by then you can write comments or do a survey here (open the page and the survey is located to the screen size lower than the top of the page).

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