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Prikazani su postovi s oznakom hair. Prikaži sve postove

Caboki for hair loss

Caboki concealer follows basically the same principle as other shake-on concealers like Toppik and Nanofibres. The dispensers are full of millions of tiny microfibers that cling to your real hair. This has the effect of making you appear like you have more hair than you actually have.

For best results, shampoo and dry your with a blow dryer or let it air-dry completely. Style your hair as usual. Don't use hair gel or hair spray before the applications. Hold the bottle above the thinning area and tilt it at about 45 degree, Gently shake or tap the bottle with fingers to dispense fibers onto the thinning area.

Caboki is a breakthrough product for hair loss sufferers that

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  1. Instantly eliminates bald spots or appearance of thinning hair.

  2. Gives you a perfectly natural look. No one will know you're using Caboki unless you tell them - even if they get a close up view, outdoor, under bright sun light.

  3. Last all day, all night, through wind, rain and sweat.

  4. Will not smear or stain your skin or clothing.

  5. Works for both men and women.

Caboki claims to counteract this problem by using a plant material called Moroccan Gossypium Herbaceum instead of wool. Crucially this plant fiber carries a negative charge, and should therefore cause the concealer to cling to your real hair in a much more reliable fashion.

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The heatless alternatives

Fotografija Adne Omanovic.

If you want to learn the heatless alternatives, continue reading.Just as a tip, the way I maintain roller sets up to three days is to pin curl each curl (scrunch it up to my head like an accordion and then pin down) cover with scarf, sleep, remove pins in the morning, fluff and go.

In the summertime, there may be a few reasons why you might quickly need to get your hair off your neck: it could start raining, it could be scorching hot or the humidity can disrespect your hard earned twistout.

just be sure to roll tightly so you won't get any stray hairs that need to be smoothed down.

One of thosee days when I'm tired as hell ,but love is bigger and then I smile because I've made someone happy to .Studio Magic

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