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Prikazani su postovi s oznakom Escape Reality. Prikaži sve postove

Why Do We Often Want to Escape Reality

Some of us watch soap operas on TV, let them use the internet extensively; second practice religion strictly or play computer games 24 hours a day. All this can be put into the category of so-called escapism. So what can we conclude from the above examples is that escapism can be defined as the art of escape realism and brutality of everyday life. 

Escapism is accomplished by means of recreation and entertainment, through which we try to suppress feelings of sadness, depression or stress daily. escapism can be considered as activities through which we aim to deepen our real problems that we press on a daily basis; some pleasant and enjoyable things.

The question is why people are constantly flowing from reality? 

The answer is very simple. We do it because we are often frustrated by their jobs, problematic children, or TV news or newspaper articles' about killing, death, or different types of abuse, corruption, etc. It is true that there are times when we all do not want to deal with problems but pretend they do not exist. We turn to bad habits because they allow us to forget. However, it does not get us solve our problems that can only deepened our enjoyment. And when we are again faced with our problems, the natural reaction is to get away again. This is something that could be called a vicious circle of escapism that is repeated over and over again. 

There are two aspects through which we can observe escapism. This may represent a healthy way to not becoming totally depressing reality or what can be seen as an obsession that makes people completely ignore reality. 

The term "healthy escapism 'means eating, sleeping, sexual activity, reading our favorite books or games for a limited period of time. All of these are considered normal and that it belongs to the scope of common human activities that relax our body and soul. Indeed, it is healthy for human beings to escape the cruel and hard reality and to enjoy the different things they like the most. course, we should be very careful not to exaggerate, because any deviation from the usual norms can be called escapism. If we spend half the day sleeping, and we tend to repeat from day to day, we create a dependency and it is very difficult to escape these or any other bad habits. often a person using sleep as escapism is a person whose life is filled with emotional or physical pain. 

Here is an example from the literature. Escape literature category of fiction and can be defined as literature written solely for fun and enjoyment. It just gives us a temporary escape and pleasure in a fantasy world. However, it only gives the illusion of real-world situations, but they are only 'Skin Deep' and when we "wake up" that we are not in a fairy tale and that we must continue with our lives difficult and cruel. This does not mean that all escape literature does not have any quality. On the contrary, there are many literary works that have been written under the concept of escape literature, but they are really important and worth reading. However, this kind of literature lowers the criteria and requirements of literature that is considered to be more demanding and serious. 

In today's progressive society it is very difficult to avoid escapism, and the reason for this is that our life is becoming harder and harder to live and we are exposed to so many new things I can, and most fortunately do cause addiction. These things are numerous. For example, they can be TV shows, the Internet, computer games, music, sports, etc. I think the main reason that people today are more exposed than before escapism that we are lonelier than before. We are alienated from each other and above all consider the individuals and then members of our society. So, we do not hang out as much as our previous generation, and we are expected to live on their own, with less help from others as possible. After all, I can say that escapists are in most cases the unfortunate, unhappy and unfulfilled people who are unable or unwilling to give up their addiction. 

The real reason why people keep their bad habits is that there are no bad habits. Any activity that leads to addiction offers some satisfaction at the beginning; also helps us to escape everyday boredom or reminds us of the happy times in the past. Indeed, all these activities are not harmful until they reach a certain point of no return to the previous state. The point where most bad habits become destructive when, instead of using them to enjoy life, we use them to escape from it. 

The only way to permanently stop the cycle of escapism is to develop a positive perception of life. It is necessary to find happiness in our lives that is stronger than our weaknesses. I read somewhere that changing our attitude towards reality is easier said than done. But above all, we must realize that reality is neither good nor bad, but a mixture of the two. 

We must learn to live with this acquisition and how to focus on the parts of these acquisitions that are more important to us than the other parts. In other words, it is important for us to know our priorities. By fixing our attention on the sources of hope and joy, we can create positive beliefs and reduce the desire to escape. 

The best way to permanently change habits is to surround yourself with people who may pose a positive impact on our lives. This will create resistance to any type of addiction and escapism. 

In general, a family vacation, books, internet and many other leisure activities should be our driving force which is supposed to remove us from the stress of our daily lives. However, it seems not to be the ones driving forces. It is scientifically proven that these activities or in other words, escapism destroys more lives and relationships than it improves. When people say they can not give up the addiction, it usually means that deep down they do not want or do not believe that this is possible. 

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